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Shark Fights!


Mike Vick is probably screwed. I guess the guy has been staging dog fights for a while now.

Vick should be ashamed of himself. Taking advantage of those poor domesticated animals is deplorable. He should have been taking advantage of sharks because sharks are badass. Way more badass than stupid puppies. Seriously, if you could watch two puppies fight to the death or two bone crushing, sea monsters fight to the death, which would choose?

It happens all the time in the wild, why not bottle that magic for our entertainment?

I thought about picking bears but bears could always escape and reign down on us with their furry brand of terror. Sharks, on the other hand, can’t escape their watery prisons. It’s almost too perfect. We can exploit those violent bastards all we want…until they grow legs… and lungs…then we are fucked.


Chuck Got Knocked The F Out


Guess who I bet on for UFC 71. I didn’t bet on the white guy with the pot belly. I bet on the Shawn Merriman looking MoFo with a chain around his neck. I don’t bet against Shawn Merriman and I sure-as-shit won’t bet against his look alikes either.

I love Chuck Liddel. The man can brawl. But shit, if I saw Rampage Jackson walking towards me at night, I would probably throw my wallet at him and try to kill myself with the cyanide pills I will be carrying from now on just in case I do ever come across him.

The Weekend in Baseball


Yankees Get Swept by the Angels: 3 straight beat downs from the best team nobody is watching leaves the Yankees 12.5 games out of first place and in fourth place behind the Toronto Blue Jays, Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox. I know it’s trendy to hate on the Yankees but so was the Keyboard tie and that baby when combined with my Members Only jacket is still deadly.

Barry Bonds, Ruining Baseball One Home Run at a Time: After a bit of a drought, Barry Bonds ripped # 746 over the centerfield wall. Barry is now only 9 homers from making baseball implode.

Cubs Bullpen Really Could Use a Montage: Once again, the Cubs bullpen blew a late lead against the Dodgers yesterday, giving up an 8th inning game-tying home run to Andre Ethier and  beaning Juan Pierre in the bottom of  the 10th. Pinella’s bullpen is Spiderman 3 bad but all is not lost because they are still one sports-training-montage away from being real contenders. The journey will be hard but afterwards those loveable losers will be winners in baseball but more importantly, they will be winners in life. Does anybody else smell Fever Pitch 2?

Nike Soccer Commercials: Awesome Even Without The World Cup

In honor of the Champions League final today but mostly out of boredom, I began youtube-ing Nike Soccer Commercials. After viewing a classic, I began to realize that Nike soccer commercials are the tits. So here are just a few of the best.

It is a little long but what else do you have to do? Work? Screw that. Just sit back and enjoy.

Another commercial from the “little less conversation” set.

I just saw this one for the first time, but it is badass.

Arshi will probably deny this but it was that very commercial that sparked his less than heterosexual man-crush on Ronaldo.

Definitely one of the best commercials ever. It without a doubt opened my eyes to soccer as more than just that sport I suck ass at. But I did look damn fine in those short shorts and I have the ladies’ panties to prove it.

Consistently, Nike has put together some of the best commercials. Check out some of the other great non-soccer Nike Commercials.

I Am Really Starting To Hate Hippies


It is groups like PETA that are keeping America from being perfect.

The liberal facists are now asking, nay, demanding that LSU no longer uses a live mascot at their football games.

I am so sick of these god damn tree-hugging, jam-band listening, birkenstock wearing, crunchy groove loving, drum circle sitting dictators telling me what is morally right and wrong. Get a real job hippies because policing the natural order will get you nowhere.

I am a human and I am at the top of the food chain which means I can do whatever I want to anything below me on the food chain. I set fire to duck-billed platypus’ for fun. I poop in the ocean because the hot sand is always between me and the bathroom. I punt small dogs because they are more rodent than dog and I hate rodents.

Boo smelly hippie chicks with dreadlocks and armpit hair. Hooray punting small dogs.

As Good As It Gets For The Bengals

What would a perfect day for the Cincinnati Bengals be like?

A Super Bowl victory? I hope you’re kidding.

The entire team beating down the whole of the Cincy Police Department and running a near anarchic society fashioned after 2Pac and Dr. Dre’s California Love video? Exactly. (Video Example Above)

Well that didn’t happen…yet. But Chris Henry did pass a drug test and the girlfriend accusing AJ Nicholson of battery did change her story from Nicholson hitting the girlfriend to the girlfriend hitting herself with Nicholson watching.

Clinton Portis Definitely Likes Dogfights


“We all come here [The University of Miami] with the mindset of three years and I’m gone…and you know what? I’m making alot of money right now.” That was Edgerrin James on the sideline of the 2006 rendition of FSU-Miami. I would have loved to put a video of that quote up but after an exhaustive search, I was left with nothing…and by exhaustive search I clearly mean one google search before I was distracted by TBS’s morning hour of Saved By The Bell.

Anyway, the Edge is forever the man for saying exactly what he thought regardless of the public opinion on the matter. He said what everybody knew to be true, Football players aren’t going to Miami for the education. Besides, I’m pretty sure very few people are attending the U for it’s academic merits except for those students going as Salsa dancing and Cuban food double majors.

This is my new boy Clinton Portis, also a graduate of the U, on Vick’s legal troubles:

I don’t know if he was fighting dogs or not, but it’s his property, it’s his dog. If that’s what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business. You want to hunt down Mike Vick over fighting some dogs? I think people should mind their own business…I know a lot of back roads that have the dog fighting if you want to go see it…I’m from lower Mississippi. I know plenty of backroads with dogfights on them if you want to go see one.

Yeah, screw you PETA, you filthy, pot smoking, hemp wearing, communist sympathizing, Tibet loving, America hating hippies. I’m with Clinton, those are Vick’s dogs and if Vick wants to starve, beat and fight them, then god damnit, he should be able to. I’m sorry, I thought this was America and in America if somebody wants to place his college tuition on a sure thing pure bread Pit Bull going against a mutt Boxer, I he sure as hell better be able to. And after losing his tuition, said person should also be able to call the police, break up the dog fighting ring and retrieve his money. That, my friends, is America.