Halftime Bonanza: Asian Unicycler Style

In case you couldn’t tell from the over-the-top Asian music playing in the background, throwing bowls onto your head while riding a unicycle in front of 17,000 sober Mormons is a very revered profession for Asian woman. It ranks somewhere above dry cleaner and below geisha.

I know I can’t do that but I also can’t starch a shirt.

(Yes, this video is old but it was this or watching baseball)


One response to “Halftime Bonanza: Asian Unicycler Style”

  1. getalife says :

    racist/misogynist: if only your dream of someday renting and even owning your own double-wide would come true then maybe your ignorance/hatred (as evidenced by your disparaging remarks against completely different groups of people: Korean, Chinese & Japanese) would no longer exist. People like you want to single out certain groups of people because of their differences (read: continue to make fun of), keeping racism pervasive in our country. What? Because they’re not originally from “Amuricuh”. Neither were your forefathers, genious. In fact, they had to forge their ways, too be it moonshine or what have you. I suppose you must have gotten quite a belly-aching laugh when Rosie O’Donut opened up her big fat mouth–she must be so “funny”. Why don’t you get a job designing shirts for Abercrombie, if you don’t work there already.

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