Finally Justice for Genarlow Wilson…Maybe

After three years of incarceration for receiving a blow job from a sophomore when he was a senior, Genarlow Wilson has finally had his sentence voided.

The consensual hummer violated an ancient Georgia statute that was rarely enforced and could have cost Genarlow an additional 7 years behind bars as well as the embarresment of having to file as a sex offender upon his release from prison.

But of course the assholes down in the State of Georgia are afraid to admit their mistake and head asshole, Georgia District Attorney, Thurbert Baker has vowed to fight to keep Genarlow in prison.

Congratulations Thurbert Baker, you are the biggest asshole since Mike Nyfong.


One response to “Finally Justice for Genarlow Wilson…Maybe”

  1. Advancement Project says :

    Hi, I wrote a blog about structural/Institutional racism in the United States linking together the cases of the Jena Six trial in Louisiana, Shaquanda Cotton in Texas, and Genarlow Wilson in Georgia. It is a national phenomena that young black children are being locked away for minor crimes.

    I think it is important to put a face on structural and institutional racism in America. It is claiming real victims, and they are getting younger by the day now that Zero-tolerance policies have come about.

    C.B. from Advancement Project

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