About Dungy Had The Under

Colts Ball 4th and 6 from the Chicago 17, 1:49 remaining in Super Bowl XLI. The Colts are up 29-17. Kick the field goal Tony Dungy, In the name of everything that is good and holy in this world, kick this field goal. Why is Peyton on the field? Why is he snapping the ball? God Damnit Dungy!
Smart move for the Colts, life crushing move for the poor soul who had his college tuition on the Over at 49. Poor soul was balcked out for a week after emptying bottles of Jack Daniels. PS CostCo has bottles of Jack on the cheap.
Sports is full of ridiculous and outrageous shit. Whether it is the overpayed athletes going nuts in Las Vegas strip clubs or the ESPN commentators sounding like morons, the culture of sports is full of laughs. The goal of this site is to share those laughs with you the reader aka my friends I force to read this.


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