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Mo’ Nomo?!


Remember Nomo-mania? It was like Beatles mania with thousands of hot asian girls in school girls outfits every five days at Dodger stadium. Well it’s time for Nomo-Mania 2. And this time the traveling roadshow hits beautifully diverse Kansas City as Hideo Nomo has a contract with a Major League team.

Ok, so the Royals are barely Major League and Nomo’s contract is in fact a Minor league deal, but shit, if the Royals are throwing away literally dozens of dollars on someone who is never making the Big League roster, why not sign me? I mean, would you rather have a guy that has compiled 14 innings, a 6.59 ERA, 1 Jungle virus and at least three STDs while playing in the Venezuelan Winter League or a guy with no professional baseball experience, 0 jungle virus and 2 STDs?

Do crabs count?


Ok 3 STDs.

No Brainer.


Badass of the Day: Arizona State Wrestler, Anthony Robles.


Being a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler pretty much guarantees you of being more badass than me, but being a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler with one leg as a Freshman puts you in the pantheon of legendary badasses like Bear Grylls and Doc Holliday and Super Mario and William Wallace.

But let’s be serious for just a second here. Bear Grylls is like the Zeus of Badasses. I know it’s pretty fucking popular to say “Oh, well Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer because he is such a badass.” Well, that’s just stupid. If you have ever said that, go ahead and pack up your testicles because you are a gay.

Shit, Bear Grylls literally skinned and gutted a dead camel….and then ate it’s shit. Let me break this down for you one more time….He ate dead camel shit, straight from the camel’s stomach. Top that Chuck Norris, you pussy.

PS: Bear Gryll’s piss cures AIDs, too bad he is too busy drinking it.

Some Guys Used Steroids


Player took steroids. It took Major League Baseball, a former Senator, 24 months and $50,000,000 to drop that bomb on Thursday. Literally dozens of no-name, current and former Major leaguers were named by a former clubhouse attendant and current Car Wash manager. Seriously, there are few professions I trust more than Car Wash manager like high school janitor or coke whores. But if it wasn’t for this Car Wash manager, we would have never found out that Jack Cust and Brenden Donnolly used steroids. Jack Cust?! I know, my world came crashing down too.

Oh, one more shocker, Roger Clemens took Dick Steroids in the ass too.

Martina Likes To Party

Anna Kournikova and martina hingis

Breaking News: Martina Hingis likes to party with cocaine. I really thought she was a boring swiss prude and retired about 5 years ago to caddy for Sergio Garcia, but turns out, she was playing tennis…professionally. I know, I was suprised to hear it too. But seriously, quitting over cocaine? If every professional that was found to use cocaine was forced to retire, there would not have been a single player on the ’86 Miracle Mets and Wall Street would be barren and overrun with homeless. Because if American Psycho has taught us anything it’s that Wall Street runs on nose candy…and that nothing beats the simple pleasures of hooker murdering and Huey Lewis and the News,

Hollar Back

Jordan 45

What is this? A post on the DungyHadTheUnder? Fact! I’m back, like Jordan in the 45. Seriously though, how can anyone pass up on the fame, money and women that come with being a blogger? Woman hear I have a blog and their panties literally melt away.

I Miss Steroids

This is what happens when you take the steroids out of cycling. These guys are bitches, they can’t even ride a bike with no hands. I learned that trick in fourth grade.

Back in the golden days of doping, slap some wings on that bike and he would have taken off instead of wobbling his way to the pavement. Now all we have is a bunch of scrawny pansies playing a sport that nobody watches. Sounds alot like tennis to me.


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