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Badass of the Day: Arizona State Wrestler, Anthony Robles.


Being a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler pretty much guarantees you of being more badass than me, but being a nationally ranked collegiate wrestler with one leg as a Freshman puts you in the pantheon of legendary badasses like Bear Grylls and Doc Holliday and Super Mario and William Wallace.

But let’s be serious for just a second here. Bear Grylls is like the Zeus of Badasses. I know it’s pretty fucking popular to say “Oh, well Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer because he is such a badass.” Well, that’s just stupid. If you have ever said that, go ahead and pack up your testicles because you are a gay.

Shit, Bear Grylls literally skinned and gutted a dead camel….and then ate it’s shit. Let me break this down for you one more time….He ate dead camel shit, straight from the camel’s stomach. Top that Chuck Norris, you pussy.

PS: Bear Gryll’s piss cures AIDs, too bad he is too busy drinking it.