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Sweet Soccer Goal of the Week

Some guy on some team I cannot pronounce from Sweden had a sweet goal that I felt should be shared with the world because I’m tired of the Western European bias in the media these days.


Nike Soccer Commercials: Awesome Even Without The World Cup

In honor of the Champions League final today but mostly out of boredom, I began youtube-ing Nike Soccer Commercials. After viewing a classic, I began to realize that Nike soccer commercials are the tits. So here are just a few of the best.

It is a little long but what else do you have to do? Work? Screw that. Just sit back and enjoy.

Another commercial from the “little less conversation” set.

I just saw this one for the first time, but it is badass.

Arshi will probably deny this but it was that very commercial that sparked his less than heterosexual man-crush on Ronaldo.

Definitely one of the best commercials ever. It without a doubt opened my eyes to soccer as more than just that sport I suck ass at. But I did look damn fine in those short shorts and I have the ladies’ panties to prove it.

Consistently, Nike has put together some of the best commercials. Check out some of the other great non-soccer Nike Commercials.

Kaka Looks Like Vick After A Few Stiff Drinks, In A Dimly Lit Room

This is Kaka playing soccer

Kinda looks like Vick playing football

Jesus Vick is fast. Is football here yet? A man can take only baseball for so long.

Yeah Lionel Messi’s Goal Was Sick But Can He Do That Coked Out?

This is sick…

and it looks alot like this…

Lionel Messi has been called the next Maradona. Messi has the soccer skills of Maradona but can he play as well as Maradona after two week cocaine and booze binges? Probably not.