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Hollar Back

Jordan 45

What is this? A post on the DungyHadTheUnder? Fact! I’m back, like Jordan in the 45. Seriously though, how can anyone pass up on the fame, money and women that come with being a blogger? Woman hear I have a blog and their panties literally melt away.


A Little Site News


For months Dungy had been easily the least read site on the net. But over the past weeks, Dungy has swept the nation and the resulting celebrity has rendered my posts less than blockbuster. While the reading public cries out for more Dungy, the rigors of celebrity have been taking their toll. Between all night supermodel lingerie parties, charity bike rides with Lance Armstrong and drunkenly hitting paparazzi with my car, my posts have suffered. Well fear not minions, I have gotten 2 new literary giants to help bolster this site and give you more to read on a daily basis. Starting today, Waly01 and sportjunky are officially part of the Dungy family.

You are bored, that is why you are reading this site and if you are reading site news about Dungy you must be really bored, so don’t forget to check out my new partner site¬† Don’t Try So Hard.