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Some Guys Used Steroids


Player took steroids. It took Major League Baseball, a former Senator, 24 months and $50,000,000 to drop that bomb on Thursday. Literally dozens of no-name, current and former Major leaguers were named by a former clubhouse attendant and current Car Wash manager. Seriously, there are few professions I trust more than Car Wash manager like high school janitor or coke whores. But if it wasn’t for this Car Wash manager, we would have never found out that Jack Cust and Brenden Donnolly used steroids. Jack Cust?! I know, my world came crashing down too.

Oh, one more shocker, Roger Clemens took Dick Steroids in the ass too.


Sweet Soccer Goal of the Week

Some guy on some team I cannot pronounce from Sweden had a sweet goal that I felt should be shared with the world because I’m tired of the Western European bias in the media these days.

Ballers of the Week: Some Guys


Today capped a great week for Some Guys. Just over a week ago, Some Guy won the Masters and kicked off a great week for Some Guys around the world. Today Some Guy’s great week came to a climax with a group of Some Kenyan Guys finishing first, second and third at today’s Boston Marathon.

Some Guy continued to dominate the PGA tour as some guy chipped in on the 17th and 18th holes to steal the Verizon Hertiage title from Ernie Els who is not Some Guy.

Enjoy it Some Guys, it won’t last long.