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Mo’ Nomo?!


Remember Nomo-mania? It was like Beatles mania with thousands of hot asian girls in school girls outfits every five days at Dodger stadium. Well it’s time for Nomo-Mania 2. And this time the traveling roadshow hits beautifully diverse Kansas City as Hideo Nomo has a contract with a Major League team.

Ok, so the Royals are barely Major League and Nomo’s contract is in fact a Minor league deal, but shit, if the Royals are throwing away literally dozens of dollars on someone who is never making the Big League roster, why not sign me? I mean, would you rather have a guy that has compiled 14 innings, a 6.59 ERA, 1 Jungle virus and at least three STDs while playing in the Venezuelan Winter League or a guy with no professional baseball experience, 0 jungle virus and 2 STDs?

Do crabs count?


Ok 3 STDs.

No Brainer.